Sarah Hirigoyen

I am a psychotherapist working with issues in trauma, healing, overcoming anxious thinking and self improvement. I have been in Mental Health for over 25 years. I became an accredited Integrative Psychotherapist in 2000, I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and a trained Supervisor (Metanoia Institute).


I completed a Science Psychology degree with Philosophy in 1995, I then went on to shadow a member of the National Schizophrenia Fellowship. In 1997, I began managing a Drop-In Centre for people suffering from severe and enduring mental health problems.  I found this experience really interesting and enjoyed the work I was doing but I became frustrated at the lack of  understanding, funding and care available, so I decided to train as a psychotherapist, in order to sharpen my skills at communicating with people with complex needs.

As a qualified therapist I have worked in many NHS settings: Guy’s Hospital, Amersham Hospital, St Mary’s HospitalPriory Hospital in Roehampton Ham GP surgery and Richmond GP surgery. I love to keep abreast of any new therapies emerging from year to year, so I follow many worldwide teachers and leaders in the field of Mental Health. I have completed trainings in Phil Stutz’ Shadow work,  CBT, EMDR, Attachment theory, Psychodynamic theory, and the Transpersonal approach. In 2015 I completed a life-changing training in Holotropic Breathwork and I am proud to say that I am a recognised and fully qualified Breathwork facilitator. Please visit for more info on it.  I co-run week-end workshop retreats with Geoff Fitzpatrick where we allow the breath to lead you to deep inner work.

I am interested in Spiritual ideas such as the Nature of Consciousness. I have a keen interest in Existential thought, especially how we negotiate death, meaninglessness and isolation with ourselves. Pertinent to that is understanding the meaningful relationships we have with all our ‘Selves’ and how they can be adapted to, to create a more harmonious inner world.

I believe in helping the client gain ‘tools’ with which to navigate the environment/world better; but I also hold dear the idea that it is through positive relationships that true emotional ‘meeting’ can take place, which in turn can dis-engage the client from being wedded to negative stances.

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Becoming a psychotherapist has opened me up to deep and wonderful values.  I understand now that feelings don’t need to be avoided or feared, they just are. I feel adept at helping people overcome their griefs and their struggles. Above all my training however, and CENTRAL to my ethos as a practitioner in Mental Health is the belief that every body carries within them their own inner wisdom or inner guiding principle.  Some refer to it as ‘the inner healer’ or intuition or unconscious intelligence. This inner wisdom is what I rely on.  I know that all people are creative and that given the right circumstances, everyone can find their way. As someone once put it: the therapist is not an active agent but a “co-adventurer’ who intelligently supports what is happening.


Sarah has had articles published in Idols and Believers, by Jocelyn Bain Hogg and The Family, by Jocelyn Bain Hogg. To view them on Amazon please click on the covers.

Idols and Believers

Idols and Believers by Jocelyn Bain Hogg

The Family

The Family by Jocelyn Bain Hogg.