Counselling and therapy can help

I have always been fascinated with what therapy can do, so I have trained in many different approaches: CBT, Existential, Person Centred, EMDR, Transpersonal, Psychodynamic. These trainings have enriched my skills and qualifications and I continue indefinitely to keep learning and absorbing new techniques.

Therapy has made huge leaps and  is merging in fascinating ways with other relevant disciplines like neuroscience, energy psychology,  and eugenics. The current research findings indicate that more and more people than ever are turning to talking therapies and our society is changing as a result of it.

 I believe that providing someone with psychological tools can be invaluable. I also believe in the power of a good connection between two people, to enable the client to unlock their potential and find courage, confidence, inspiration, success and happiness. I have studied pioneers such as Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, who focus on what people can achieve, because many people can respond better to a moving forward type of therapy rather than looking back.

Issues that I can help with:
  • ABUSE: Abuse, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse

  • DEPRESSION  Bereavement, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Male Depression, Self-Harm

  • EATING: Eating Disorders

  • FEARS: Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/OCD

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Relationship Breakdown, Relationship Difficulties

  • REPRODUCTION: Reproduction Issues, Post-Natal & Perinatal Depression

  • STRESS: Anger, Anxiety, Dissociation, Stress, Traumatic Events, Work Related Issues

  • SUICIDE: Suicidal Ideation (Suicidal Thoughts)

I see therapy as a cooperative process. We are mutually learning from each other whilst creating a deeper understanding of what we are exploring.
Can i help with Your issue?

I see therapy as a cooperative process. We are mutually learning from each other whilst creating a deeper understanding of what we are exploring. With focus, dedication and connection something really interesting can come out of the sessions and start to grow.

Each therapy is tailored to the individual and it is ultimately a very co-creative process. I am motivated to help clients help themselves. I help clients tap into their own sense of empowerment.

Our first meeting

This first meeting is a chance for us to talk about the issues that are of concern to you and to assess if I can help you. We usually know very early whether the therapy will be of use and help you. I always recommend that you trust your instinct. We can then arrange a schedule which works.

You are free to decide whether you would like to proceed with counselling and there is no obligation to continue after this first meeting.

Sessions and Fees

To arrange an initial meeting please contact me by phone 07956557130 or email click here. The most immediate way of contacting me is by text. Please remember to include your name and contact details.

Sessions costs range between £75 & £180 depending on time and location. There are some reduced fee sessions available for clients who are financially challenged.

Sessions are 50 minutes long. It is important to value your therapy and make a commitment to your progress. I have a 72 hour cancellation policy.

Ending Counselling

You are free to end therapy whenever you choose. I suggest that we discuss the ending and plan it rather than you email or text me that the last session was our last. It is beneficial if we dedicate a good session or two to the ending, that way we can get an overview of what we have achieved and what endings represent to you.

Sometimes, a break in therapy can be useful. Coming back to therapy after some time can feel like a shift has taken place and progress has been achieved. I will let you know of my holidays well in advance and i hope you will do the same